Child development mainly refers to the changes that occur right from a child’s birth to early adulthood. The developmental process is also influenced by the parental style of parents. And is progressed through the child development stages.

The other influences can be the environment, genetics, and the capability of the child.

As the child develops, he grows from a dependent kid to independent. He masters in four skills during the process – emotional, social, physical and mental.

The progress in the four category defines the development and growth of a child.


Physical skills mean reaching the child development milestones. It refers to the crawling, rolling, walking, running, standing and balancing phases experienced by the child.

It takes a considerable time for some kids, while some learn it too quick depending upon their capabilities.

When a kid learns the motor skills, it is considered as the child has reached heights and is now on his journey to achieve more.


The way the child reacts and responds to the situation defines his emotional stability. Mostly depends upon the nature and behavior of parents and environmental factors.

Some kids are found to be very energetic, laughing at every situations while some get irritated and frustrated. When a child starts to deal with the kind of incidents and situations, he develops emotionally.


Social skills mean interacting with others during the process. How a child communicates, interacts and behaves with others indicates his growth and development journey.

We all learn values right from our home. A kid inculcates values as per his capabilities and in-takes. His intrapersonal skills will be highlighted when he develops socially.

When a kid is socially developed, he may not avoid going to public places, parties and presenting himself in front of everyone. He will be confident and enthusiast. So, if a kid withdraws himself from doing social activities, he’s still in the process to develop.


Mental health is an essential part of development. It is mainly influenced by the environment of the kid.

If the parents fight a lot with each other, there’s family issues, low achievement of the kid, all of this together will leave an impact on his mind.

Also, depends upon the parenting style. How much do you consider parenting along with other parts of life says a lot. Some parents might not even understand that there’s something called as connection, and they need to create it with their child for healthier mental health.

Child Development Stages

Child development psychology covers the three main stages of child development – early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence.

Early Childhood (Birth to 8th Years)

Early childhood is a period between birth to 8th years when a child is aimed at achieving holistic development

So, whether the child stays happy or irritated is influenced by the surrounding in the early childhood care and education journey.

Middle Childhood

Middle childhood focus on the age group 8 to 12 years. It’s one of the child development stages when a child indulges into social groups, events, and discussions where his abilities and perspectives are defined.


When a child is in his journey from 12 to 18 years, he goes through some complex changes. These changes can be physically, mentally or socially.

Thus, child psychology is a vast concept. It includes many topics. If you want to know anything more, leave a comment below.

Additionally, Child development education is important. It exposes you to the behavior and nature of the child during the process, which will help in better parenting.

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