Slow Learner

Slow Learner

Arts based therapy– Art Therapy is a creative tool that can be effectively utilised to inculcate learning qualities among children with learning disabilities. Either way, it empowers the child with a sense of confidence, inspiration, and fearlessness, also encourages them to take initiatives.

Special educator– Special education teachers help students with severe disabilities develop basic life skills, such as how to respond to questions and how to follow directions. Some teach the skills necessary for students with moderate disabilities to live independently, find a job, and manage money and their time.

Remedial counselling– GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING – EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE FOR SLOW LEARNERS. Introduction: These are different causes of the slow learner. The purpose of this assignment is to determine the problems of the slow learners and the methods of education, How to teach them, so they can be better person of the society.

Clinical psychologist– Required for psychoeducational assessments.

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