Self-esteem, Body image

Self-esteem, Body image

Arts based therapy– Art therapy can be used as a complement to traditional mental health treatment. The aim is to manage behaviors, process feelings, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase selfesteemSelf-discovery: Creating art can help you acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been lurking in your subconscious.

Image consultant–  Image consultants work with clients to assess and align their current personal or professional image with desired goals. They may work to improve their clients’ physical appearance, communication skills, and interpersonal skills as part of a holistic public relations strategy.

Personality development– It allows oneself to be more ambitious, but not with respect to possessions or success, but with respect to what one can experience emotionally, creatively and spiritually. To develop selfesteem is to widen the capacity to be happy; selfesteem allows people to be convinced they deserve happiness

Counseling– Counselling can help you explore the way you feel and change your view of yourself and others. It would help them to identify the negative thoughts they have that lead to this poor self-belief. We would look at how this impacts their behaviour and how they function.

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