Sacred Geometry 

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Sacred Geometry

From honeycomb to the scales of a fish, to the neural networks of our brain, all of life is composed of intricate patterns. The geometric patterns found in nature provide an integral window into the interconnected fabric of Creation.

Sacred geometry unites science and spirituality, self and “other”, right brain (intuition) and left brain (rational thinking), inner and outer, macro, and micro…

Sacred Geometry is a process of aligning one's heart, mind, and spirit to Source. It is the gateway between the etheric and physical realms. Working with sacred geometry is a mirror of the soul~ it is fundamental to the evolution of consciousness as well as to the existence of life itself.

Societies including Christians, Hindus, Greeks, and Egyptians saw that explicit models or geometric shapes are reiterated all through nature. These standard precedents and shapes came to be known as sacred geometry. They were furthermore isolated into various numbers, logical conditions and express pictures that the general population of old acknowledged were the building impedes for everything known to humankind.

Present-day science supports this speculation. It’s been found that the sub-nuclear shapes that outline the start of life are in all actuality an impressive parcel of comparative precedents perceived by out of date social orders. Data of these consecrated pictures and logical conditions allowed the improvement of various bona fide structures.

Some Crystal Grids using the Sacred Geometric Shapes and how they make you feel: 

  • Circle grid – feeling of safety, boundaries, feeling secure, and protected.

  • Square grid – creates a foundation or base to build from, practical, ‘earthy’, grounding.

  • Triangle grid – encourages to rise upwards to “higher consciousness’. Elevates your energy upwards. Also represents balance and harmony.

  • Star of David grid – this activates the Merkabah and is a very powerful grid. It creates high spiritual and psychic energy, for healing, protection, connecting with spiritual beings in other dimensions, and manifestation. I would use this only under the guidance of someone who understands how to use it. (However, you can meditate upon the symbol itself).


Sacred geometric shapes as we have seen, bring us back to our true essence, to connect more deeply to the inner self, and harmonize with the outer. It expands us and connects us on many levels. Each geometric shape has a specific energy vibration and intention, and feeling of energy. When using them in meditation or healing, they can bring about an energetic shift in your being and in your consciousness, creating healing and re-balancing.

Fun Facts about Sacred Geometry

  1. Some think it’s a religion, but it’s not, nor is it a cult. It’s something we’ve discovered and so have many ancient civilizations.1.    

  2. Music and numbers have a close connection to it. They’re nearly one.2.    

  3. It is stress relieving and much more! So therefore it’s extremely healthy for you! Go for it!3.    

  4. It has male and female energies, which has nothing to do with sexual orientation. But with the flow of energy.

One of the biggest myths of Sacred Geometry, is that it is a religion or a cult. Something you have to believe in. But the (fun) fact is, it’s not. It’s something that doesn’t need faith.
This is because it’s found throughout the entire Universe. It’s just like math; it’s discovered and can be found anywhere in the Universe.
The funny thing is, however, is that Sacred Geometry is also one of the building blocks of belief systems such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It was there before those religions came to life.
It was even known by many ancient civilizations all over the world. Up to this day, Archeologists still don’t understand how Sacred Geometry is known by all those different civilizations.


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