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This has reference to your visit to my office-cum-factory for the purpose of Vastu consultation that I needed.I am yet to digest the facts that how can one be so accurate about another person.
Sir, your assessments, deduction and conclusion about my organization (past & current) were bang on and I have enough reason to believe that it is your expertise and deep knowledge on the subject which enables you to arrive to such accurate readings and understandings

Upon your inspection of my place of work, you have suggested the placements of certain precious & semi-precious stones which we have done. As we have yet to see the results, we are very sure of positive changes in our work place considering your vast experience in the line of Vastu consultation

Further to place on record, your soft spoken nature and ever smiling attitude in itself spreads positively around. I personally felt very positive about presence at our work place

Hussainbhai, your expertise is truly “Beyond Thoughts” of a normal

I wish you very success in all your endeavors.

Mehul Shah


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