Mindfulness Meditation Course

(Beginner’s Level)

Welcome to the Beginner’s course of Mindfulness meditation.

Meditation and mindfulness is not only meant for the saints. Neither is mindfulness only for people who can sit still and concentrate. Mindfulness meditation simply put, is a way to observe our mind. Mindfulness practice is about developing the ability to work with our true nature, our deep inner core, to understand it and make connection with it, so we are living more meaningful, connected and complete lives.


What will you learn in this course?

  • Introduction to Mindfulness meditation
  • Basics of Meditation and Its Posture.
  • Breathing And Its Importance
  • How to Meditate and Its Benefit.
  • Introduction to Phases of meditation

Who is this course

  • This course is for beginners that have no prior experience with mindfulness meditation
  • This course is not for experienced mindfulness meditation practitioners.
  • This course is for individuals interested in having a brief introduction to mindfulness meditation including an opportunity to experience guided mindfulness meditation

What will you get in this course?

  • Full time support
  • A course completion certificate

15 Days | 3 Hours/Week

INR 3950/- Certificate Included

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