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You want a happy and strong family.

You want to choose a right career and flourish.

You want a successful marriage.

You want your children to grow bigger and better every day.

You want a mutually satisfying relationship.

You are going through some unbearable difficult times.

You want to create a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

You want to lead towards a better tomorrow and live a promising future.

You want a life of financial abundance.

You want to live free from all the stress and worries.

You want to feel at peace with yourself and live a life of security.

You want to manage stress effortlessly.

You want to lead a life of balance and fulfilment.

You want to be confident and successful in all aspects of life.


Membership fee: 199 yearly


Membership fee: 199 yearly


Exclusive Benefits to all our Members

  • Upon signing up as a member get the first consultation from our Professional Therapist worth Rs. 1500/- for FREE

  • 10% Discount on all our Services and Products.

  • Avail exclusive offers and discounts on all Beyond Thoughts' events and workshops.

  • Be a part of workshops and webinars organized by Beyond Thoughts for FREE.

  • Invitation to attend our exclusive paid offline events for FLAT 20% Discount.

  • Avail discounts on different medical treatments and checkups in facilities affiliated with Beyond Thoughts.

  • Avail discounts on associated Holistic Retreats with Beyond Thoughts. 

  • Benefit from discounts and coupons on other associated businesses and vendors with Beyond Thoughts.

  • Be a part of Beyond Thoughts' community to heal your mind, body, and soul, explore your inner self, and contribute to the world.

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Terms and Conditions

▪︎ To redeem the membership code, the claimant types the code into the promotional box in the booking field of the BEYOND THOUGHTS website and the relevant discount will be automatically applied to the final price of the qualifying purchase. 

▪︎ If the Member fails to enter the code at the time of purchase as specified, the purchase will not be eligible for the discount. Discounts may not be claimed after confirmation of a purchase on the website.

▪︎ Membership starts on the day payment of the membership has been received.

▪︎ Membership will last for the period as indicated in the subscription during the registration.

▪︎ Only one coupon code can be applied at a time. A member cannot avail two discounts in a single order or purchase from online or offline stores. 

▪︎ First FREE Consultation from one professional therapist can be applied only for the registered members and shall only be used once from the date registered till the expiration of the membership. 

▪︎ Discounts on products and services can vary from time to time. Beyond Thoughts reserves the right to remove/change any discount or offer at any point in time.

▪︎ 10% discount on all our products and services will be up to Rs.1200 on each purchase made from Beyond Thoughts online as well as offline store and holistic healing centre.

▪︎ Free workshops and webinars will be accessible to all the members every three months of their membership duration for which the members shall be notified of the same. 

▪︎ Invitation to offline paid events with a Flat 20% Discount shall only be availed in events chosen by Beyond Thoughts in the membership duration only.

▪︎ Discounts on medical treatments and checkups will be viable only when prescribed by Beyond Thoughts associated medical facilities and doctors. Beyond Thoughts does not take responsibility for any unfortunate circumstances that occurred during the treatment and checkups of the member.

▪︎ Discounts will only be applicable of holistic retreats, businesses and vendors’ policies associated with Beyond Thoughts.

▪︎ Beyond Thoughts reserves the right to discontinue a coupon at any time. 

▪︎ In case of payment for renewal of the membership has not been received, member’s access to the membership benefits will end one month after the due payment date. 

• Membership can be ended prior to the end date without any notice by BEYOND THOUGHTS. 

• BEYOND THOUGHTS reserves the rights and decision power on Membership acceptance and disqualification without any prior notice.