Healing Packages


OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD Pranic healing– Pranic Healing has an...

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Aerophobia – fear of flying Aerophobia- fear of flying Psychiatry- Cognitive...

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Hypertension Hypertension Homeopathist– Aconitum: Aconitum is a useful homeopathic remedy particularly for...

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Menopause Menopause Resident doctor– Identifying the symptoms, Consultation,Medication Nutritionist– Menopause...

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Divorce Divorce Counseling– A divorce counselor can teach you and your partner...

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy Family therapy Counseling– The counselor also helps the client deal with disturbance...

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Dyslexia Dyslexia Special educator– It will be very important that your students...

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Dysgraphia Dysgraphia Special educator– (If required) Remedial counselling– Therapists can work to...

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Dyscalculia Dyscalculia Special educator– Helps with rational and logical reasoning...

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Self Care

Self Care Self care Arts based therapy– Art therapy can foster self-awareness and self-esteem,...

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Hoarding Hoarding Meditation– Meditation helps to bring the awareness of oneself from...

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Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems Sleep Problems Resident doctor– The first doctor you should see about your sleep...

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Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder Conduct Disorder Family therapy– Functional Family Therapy aims to change...

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Stress Overwhelmed by stress? You don’t have to be. This...

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Depression chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness Depression...

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