Graphology And Signature Analysis Course

Welcome to the professional course of Graphology and Signature Analysis. 

Graphology is a projective technique that can provide amazing insights into the working of the human mind.. With the skill of handwriting and signature analysis, you hold the power to know any person inside-out. With this course you will learn skills with which you will not only be able to find someone’s personality but will also be able to help them by suggesting correct changes. This course isn’t just for professionals in the mental health industry, psychologists, or HR, it’s for absolutely everyone who wishes they had the ability to peak into people’s minds and understand how they work. This course is also a great tool for self-introspection and self-awareness. If you are looking to know how you behave, think, feel and act (both at the surface level and at the subconscious level), this course is the way to go.


What will you learn in this course?

  • What is graphology and its various aspects
  • Alphabets meaning
  • Trait method
  • Spacing
  • Why are YOU having any specific challenge in your life and changes needed to be done to overcome those challenges
  • Which aspect needs to be Modified for Making a Lot more Money
  • Signature Analysis and Signature Modification.
  • Handwriting Analysis and Handwriting modification.
  • How to find out cheating nature in handwriting
  • Explore an individual’s potential
  • Which aspects needs to be changed for Better Relationships
  • Which aspects needs to be changed for Overcoming Depression and Stress
  • Which aspects to be changed for a Better health.

Who is this course

  • Graphology enthusiasts interested in learning something new and unique from other people’s handwriting
  • Students who are learning handwriting analysis, signature analysis
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists
  • Counsellors, teachers and life coaches
  • Professionals as well as beginners who work in human behaviour, mental health industry,
  • Human Resources (HR) department
  • Individuals who are curious to know about themselves and others

What will you get in this course?

  • A complete course manual
  • An assessment to complete for certification
  • A course completion certificate

3 Weeks | 3 Hours/Week

INR 19900/- Certificate Included

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