Helping A Loved One During Tough Times

When was the last time you had to spend a tough night and you didn’t have anyone to share your heart out?

I understand, how difficult that gets. But we always have this thought in the back of our mind that I will never let somebody else go through things alone. I will be there for them whenever they need me because there was time I needed them too.

Mental and emotional wellbeing is always neglected. We all our dying inside, but never let things come on our mouth.

We are looking for our friends and relatives to be there for us but somehow even they fail to do so, and sometimes even we fail to express ourselves.

Eventually, somewhere someone is always going through things they don’t recieve help about. With that in mind, here are some proven methods that can help you help a loved one during their tough times.

I know it gets very heavy when we don’t have anyone to check on us and the only thing that we think of at that moment is, “I will always be there for someone. No matter what because I wouldn’t want them to feel the same as I did”. With the same motive, I am here to share some techniques you can use and be there for them.

Reach out to them often

The easiest thing to do is make a call and be in touch more than you usually do.

It is important to be a good listener and pay attention to the problems your loved ones might be facing before offering any sort of advice. As it happens, most of the time your loved ones don’t need any advice because there is plenty on the internet. What they really need is someone who listens to them with empathy, and provides them comfort.

Engage in a shared activity together

When you engage in a shared activity with your loved ones, they not only get the message that their mental health matters to you, but also get a healthy distraction from all the ongoing stress and tension.

The activity could be as simple as reading a book together and can also extend to taking an intimate vacation together, playing sports, going on walks, cycling together, etc.

Encourage them to get professional help

Seeking our professional help or therapy is still treated as taboo in society and indicates the extreme lack of mental health awareness around us.

Our society fails to recognize that therapy is the only definite solution to cope up with mental health issues. As a friend or family member of an individual impacted with mental health ailments, giving them comfort and support will act as a temporary solution.

To rectify this for the long run, you must encourage them to get professional support so that they are able to cope with their mental health concerns better.

There are a variety of coping strategies one can offer to their loved ones impacted by these stressful and gloomy times.

Apart from these 3 core recommendations, you can also offer your support by keeping your loved ones informed of the current situation and keeping them away from myths that might accelerate their grief.

Encourage them to have a healthy routine and incorporate lifestyle changes like following a healthy diet, exercising often, practicing meditation, etc to bring about the feeling of normalcy in their lives once again.

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