Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. The technique uses precisely placed crystals either on and/or around the physical body.
Crystals may also be laid in precise geometric patterns (grids) within the environment. Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift, and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the subtle human or environmental energy field. Healing means bringing mind, body, spirit, and environment back into harmony, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium. The main influence of healing is the chakra philosophy of disease caused by energy imbalances. Crystal healers believe that crystals and gemstones have properties that facilitate healing. Ancient Egyptians were among the first documented people to have adorned themselves with crystals — including lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise — to ward off illness and negative energy. The idea of crystal healing may sound farfetched, but if you are open and willing to explore the world of energy healing, this is a wonderful place to start.

When Crystal healing is useful

The most common 7 Chakra stones:

    1. Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is a master healer as it is filled with powerful positive energies. It draws off all the negative energies and helps in reducing anger, anxiety, stress and depression.
    2. Amethyst – Amethyst brings the gift of intuition and awakens the sixth sense of a person. It is also a strong protection amulet. This purple stone can open up metal blocks and clear negative thoughts. It helps to tackle anxiety, stress, insomnia, fear and depression.
    3. Lapiz Lazuli – Lapiz Lazuli helps in expanding awareness within & outside; opening the mind to new ideas. It is also connected with the throat chakra and aids in communication. Additionally, it aids in thyroid, hormonal imbalance and body weight issues.
    4. Aventurine – Green Aventurine is a talisman of good fortune. Attuned to the Heart Chakra stone, it is a comforter and harmoniser encouraging self-love and forgiveness. If you are searching for true love and long-lasting relationships and friendships, then you must use this healing crystal. It is also good for heart ailments and sleep disorders.
    5. Citrine – Citrine is a stone of abundance and brings prosperity and well-being. Citrine works wonders when it comes to uplifting moods. Citrine provides strong will power, enhances creativity, increases passion and strengthens their self-esteem. It also brings marital bliss.
    6. Carnelian – Carnelian provides a vivacious creative edge. It is the stone of desire, passion, pleasure and sensuality. It encourages one to live their life to the fullest. Carnelian motivates and inspires an individual and increases the confidence level.
    7. Black Tourmaline – Black tourmaline is popular for its strong protection and purifying qualities. It protects against negative energies, psychic attacks & harmful people. It aids in cleansing the aura and draws out any feelings of stress and anxiety. It also helps in boosting the immune system and providing relief from chronic pain.
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Fatema KanchwalaFatema Kanchwala
08:51 20 Aug 22
After your home visit session and the implementation of the modifications you advised, it’s been a wonderful experience. Positive and uplifting energy surrounds us, which never fails to inspire us. Many thanks. You are working really hard. Continue to spread joy and positive vibes.
Nafisa RatlamwalaNafisa Ratlamwala
16:30 16 Aug 22
I would recommend Husain Minawala for any kind of vastu consultancy, for residence, offices, industrial galas, factories, having deep knowledge of vastu and very trustworthy.Have personally used his vastu consultancy and got benefitted tremendously. I definitely recommend her to all my friends, family and clients
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Hussain Sir is really a great personality, he was really understanding and listening to my concerns and based on that he gave me solutions.Would really recommend for talking things out and finding solutions.
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Hussain bhai was really understanding and listened to my concerns and based on that gave me very thought advice and solutions. Would definitely recommend anyone to talk to him for deeper understanding and solutions on issues.
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16:10 19 May 22
I had a very good experience with beyond thoughts really help to overcome my weaknesses and taught me to convert them into my strengths.

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