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Beyond Thoughts Was Founded In 2015 By Husain Minawala From His Experience Since 2000 In The Field Of Holistic Healing And Quantum Science. Later In The Year 2019 A Private Company With Co-Founder Abbas Minawala With The Name As Hanzas Pvt Ltd Was Formed And Beyond Thoughts Became Its Flagship Brand And Other Brands Such As Beyond Thoughts Holistic Healing Products, Beyond Thoughts Holistic Healing Services And Beyond Thoughts Holistic Healing Training. Were Brought Under One Roof.


Since The Inception Of Beyond Thoughts We Have Focused On Mental Health And Provided Services Related To Mental, Physical, Emotional And Social Health. Beyond Thoughts Is One Of The Most Trusted Holistic Healing Organization. We Provide Services, Products And Courses For Most Of The Holistic Healing Modalities With Around 350 Healers And 400 Products.When It Comes To Holistic Healing And Health We Are Looking Beyond The Physical Body And Are Addressing Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, And Mental Health

Meet Husain Minawala

Husain Minawala


They say looks are deceptive. Well, you will also believe it when you meet Husain from Mumbai, India. This simple looking guy is actually a dynamite in disguise & his knowledge is deep rooted giving him that divine  spark as he approaches a problem with reckless abandon & comes up with brilliant solutions that can be life changing, for the better of course. The man hides in his modest personality, a knowledge house of Sacred Geometry & Vastu Expertise making him & in-depth specialist in Meditation Therapy, Energy Healing & Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Parapsychology. He is a certified Therapeutic Healer with over 19 years of experience. Hussain's extensive knowledge of the ancient times, his Sacred Geometry skills & commendable experimental study & research have earned him the deserved recognition as one of the leading connoisseurs in the country. His unique ability to convert Vaastu Solutions into Art Pieces have made him the most sought-after consultant in the field. He is the Owner and Founder of Beyond Thoughts flagship brand of Hanzas Groups Pvt Ltd

Abbas is a certified Gemologist, known for his ability to categorise and recommend diamond crystals, semi-precious and precious stones based on their noteworthy effect. With a deep insight and knowledge of the various stones and their origins, Abbas provides his clients with consultancy on the overall purpose of Gems. Other than gemstone therapy, Abbas also specialises in the healing arts such as sacred geometry, colour therapy and crystal healing.  He is the Co-owner and Co-founder of Beyond Thoughts flagship brand of Hanzas Groups Pvt Ltd 

Abbas Minawala


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