5 Signs Of Mental Depression In Children And How To Deal With Them

I always hear tons of weird questions that conveys that how unaware we actually are about certain things. For instance, a child’s mental health which is not only ignored but also people don’t acknowledge the facts that a child goes through mental illnesses too. If not exactly mental illnesses, then mental, social and emotional well […]

Depression or Disguised Stress?

“Tomorrow is my exam, I don’t know anything, I am feeling so depressed”, “Why are you sitting so depressed? Its just a breakup, move on!!”, “Don’t feel so depressed about losing one job, you will find a better one” How often have we come across such statements from our friends and family? How often do […]


INTRODUCTION As kids we were always encouraged to reach out to career counsellors and as we grew older we were familiarized with a more recently accepted concept of marriage counsellors. Perhaps between growing up and growing old, what we missed out on was the importance of mental health counsellors! Counselling focuses on specific issues and […]