Holistic Healing for a Wholesome You.

The idea of health and well-being in the 21st century has moved far beyond just one’s physical health. The 5 main aspects of personal health are- physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. The practice of holistic healing refers to the idea that each part of a person’s body is interconnected and dependent on one another. […]


        Adv. Shreejit. U. Nair I am an advocate Sreejit Nair from Mumbai. I am a corporate Lawyer and provide non-litigation advice and contracting drafting and negotiation services to companies across the world. Starting a law firm has been a big decision and in the cut throat world of completion, it is […]

BX Studio

      BX Studio We, Abdeali Roshan & Fatema, partners at BX Studio, are into the Business of photography, Videography & Cinematography services for Wedding, Events & Commercial Purposes. We have used Mr. Hussain Minawalas expertise of Vastu in our office & Home by taking his consultancy and did things as to how he […]

Indian Ceramics Center

    Indian Ceramics Center I had availed the service of Mr. Hussain Minawalla during his visit to my showroom. He suggested certain changes & I implemented the same promptly & I see positive changes in my business. His immense knowledge of his field has impressed me & will definitely refer him to my contacts. […]

Onlooker Press

    Onlooker Press This has reference to your visit to my office-cum-factory for the purpose of Vastu consultation that I needed.I am yet to digest the facts that how can one be so accurate about another person.Sir, your assessments, deduction and conclusion about my organization (past & current) were bang on and I have […]

Kinerhs Collection EKAANI

    Kinerhs Collection EKAANI I am Shrenik Mehta from Ekaani Mumbai. We are into premium and luxury Gifting Solution since 2005. We are sole Importers and Distributors for Versace, Rosenthal, Noritake, Nachtmann and more brands in India. Mr. Hussain is a very different Vastu Consultant as to be he is bang on with Math’s […]

5 Signs Of Mental Depression In Children And How To Deal With Them

I always hear tons of weird questions that conveys that how unaware we actually are about certain things. For instance, a child’s mental health which is not only ignored but also people don’t acknowledge the facts that a child goes through mental illnesses too. If not exactly mental illnesses, then mental, social and emotional well […]

Easy ways to help loved ones cope through tough times

Helping A Loved One During Tough Times When was the last time you had to spend a tough night and you didn’t have anyone to share your heart out? I understand, how difficult that gets. But we always have this thought in the back of our mind that I will never let somebody else go […]

Impulse Buying Behaviour Of Consumers

Impulsive purchasing behavior is a habit of buying unnecessary products out of curiosity. The companies and businesses trap consumers to buy the products and services. The consumers do not really plan to buy these products, but end up buying them. Every time they visit the market or the mall, they pick up the items dearly […]

4 Root Cause Of Anger And Its Impact On Health !

Anger – the power that ruins good mood, good relationships, and good mental health. If there was no term as anger, lives would have been simpler. But who needs a simple life? However, along with a curvy life we do wish for peaceful events, and anger doesn’t give peace. In my opinion, there are 4 […]