Anger Management

Anger management

Arts based therapy– Art Therapy can help the person manage their emotions better by allowing them to express and regulate rather than repress their feelings. It can allow the client to focus on the anger and express it without having to suppress it.

Meditation– Repeated, consistent practice of meditation enhances our ability to cope and sit with negative emotions like anger without reacting. As Tara Brach says, through practice, we are able to learn to respond, not react. This study show that meditation—even a short one-time session—can help us along that path.

Psychiatrist (optional, depending on severity of clients condition)- Provides psychotherapy and medicine

Counseling– Research shows that therapy, in the long term, may result in positive changes in the brain. Therapy is considered an important part of an anger treatment plan. The overall goal of therapy is to help you learn strategies to help change your behaviors toward your triggers and manage anger in better ways when it comes up.

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