- fear of flying

Aerophobia- fear of flying

Psychiatry- Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is usually the first-line treatment for phobias including the fear of flying. CBT is an approach that focuses on changing the negative thoughts that contribute to fearful behaviors. Many specific treatments for phobias are based on CBT, but other treatment options are sometimes used as well. 

Some of the most frequently used approaches include:

  • Exposure: Experts agree that the best way to overcome the fear of flying is controlled exposure, whether that’s through virtual reality, a flight simulation, or actually flying.

  • Systematic desensitization: This involves gradually progressive exposure to a fear object or situation, which is often used to treat phobias such as the fear of flying.

  • Individual therapy: Individual CBT, hypnotherapy, and virtual reality techniques can also improve your fear of flying. One study found that an internet-based exposure program was effective in the treatment of flying phobia.

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