I always hear tons of weird questions that conveys that how unaware we actually are about certain things.

For instance, a child’s mental health which is not only ignored but also people don’t acknowledge the facts that a child goes through mental illnesses too.

If not exactly mental illnesses, then mental, social and emotional well being which is not taken care for.

We are simply shocked to hear that a child is having a bad mental health and shoot tons of questions like Are you serious? How can a kid have depression? Is he/she mental? And what not!

Look, Children aren’t aliens. Obviously they can be mentally sick like adults! It’s just that they face trouble to understand and express it.

However, It is treatable with enough care. I, myself, have seen my younger sister struggling with this so this is normal and relevant.

Every kid is different and so their nature and behavior. Some are expressive, some are not and that is why handling them with care becomes a vital role in both parenting and educating.

In this article, I have shared 4 ways to help you deal mental depression in children. I can say from my personal experience that these work. So, read till the last.

      • Sign: in this phase, a child suddenly stops to go out in crowded places or social gatherings. Tries to avoid people and likes being alone.
      • Cause: Certain traumatic incidents caused by outer world.
      • How to deal with it: If you discover the above sign in your child, don’t put a label of ‘shy’ or ‘introvert’ on him or her immediately. First talk to the child. Hear what happened. Try to resolve the matter accordingly. Tell the child that you are always there to support. Because mental health matters.
        • Sign: The child always stays sad and assured of his or her failure even before starting something. This feeling of uselessness can cause heavy guilt or suicidal thoughts.
        • Cause: School bullying or continuous criticism.
        • How to deal with it: Your child is not supposed to be like this right? There’s surely something happening with him or her. Try to find out the exact cause first. Support the back. Then take the child for psychotherapy or counseling for better result. And try to be understanding than suspicious. Make the child feel that you are safe to share with.
          • Sign: In this case, the child suddenly bursts into anger, flows with tears or trembles by fear without any proper reason. Breakdowns can happen more often.
          • Cause: Family problems or any traumatic experience.
          • How to deal with it: Again, try to understand the child first. Be patient. The child is in pain already, don’t hurt anymore. Create a friendly atmosphere so that he or she can vent out. This case is very sensitive. So, handle this situation very carefully.
            • Sign: Child withdraws him or herself from all of the works or hobbies that he or she used to love. Child becomes lazy to initiate anything.
            • Cause: Unhealthy experience and environment of living.
            • How to deal with it: The symptom should stay for at least two weeks. So, observe. See if you can help to bring back that passion slowly. You can also introduce the child to new hobbies to entertain again. If fails, find new ways, ideas and techniques to use. Moreover, communicate that what makes them withdraw themselves from their interests.

Children can suffer from some common types of mental childhood disorders including Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Try to prevent your child beforehand.

Still if the child suffers, don’t panic. In most cases communication does the work, in case it doesn’t the therapists will help you with the same. But remember one thing – healing is possible and will always give you the better results.

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