Anger – the power that ruins good mood, good relationships, and good mental health. If there was no term as anger, lives would have been simpler. But who needs a simple life?

However, along with a curvy life we do wish for peaceful events, and anger doesn’t give peace. In my opinion, there are 4 root cause of anger. Every time you feel angry, it is because of one of these 4 things depending upon the situation.

Anger is an emotion. It is generally felt to either show concern or hate. Many times when you are irritated, you may say, ‘it’s nothing, it’s just irritation’. But you actually miss out on the facts and reasons that cause you anger.

Here you will learn how does anger affect your thinking, your relationships, its causes and impact on your health. Once you understand that how badly it affects your mind and body, you would eagerly want to manage it.

4 Root Cause Of Anger

What happens when you get angry too much?

You become toxic! And here are the causes to anger.

1. Fear

Fear is a common emotion. We feel it more than once in a day. It can be a fear of losing someone, fear of losing a job, fear of being financially unstable, not enough for the family, fear of experiencing failure in managing the responsibilities.

Anything that worries you is your fear. When you give your worries more importance than needed, it becomes frustration. The frustration becomes anger. You get hyper at everyone around you and vent your anger on others.

At times, you may feel you need an anger management therapy. At times, you might think you have become mentally ill and taking a therapy will make you even crazier.

This emotion is so strong that your frustration slowly and gradually distant you from yourself and others.

And your ability to understand and control your emotions decrease.

2. Expectations Failure

Generally, when you expect something from someone, and they fail to meet your expectations, you get angry. So angry that you start to fight with them. You bring out the things again and again during your fights and happen to make the other person feel guilty.

Sometimes, you might even hold the anger. The inability to express that you were expecting something kills you inside. It gets so heavy that it becomes hard for you to even communicate with them, love them and be happy around them.

Instead, you are always fighting, arguing, yelling and crying, which brings you no result at all.

3. Not Keeping Words

Another root cause of anger is unable to keep words. When someone makes a commitment and don’t implement it, you tend to get angry.

However, some people are too good a letting it go and understand the reasons, whereas some don’t like it at all even if you cancel the plan a day prior. Their irritation turn into a huge fight or sometimes just silent treatments.

This can happen in relationships, friendships, even with colleagues, at work place and at public places like shops, malls and restaurants. If someone is failing at keeping their words, you won’t spare them. That is what makes you angry. It basically triggers you.

4. Flashbacks

Even flashbacks make a person angry. A very common example is that you try to throw away gifts your partner received from their ex, and they get mad at you for touching them.

Their common phrase will be, ‘Who gave you the rights to touch my things or throw them without my permission?’ and ruins the connection in the relationship.

It is just that they are too attached. Unless they detach themselves from the past scenarios, incidents, events, memories, they will keep making a deal about it. No matter whatever it is.

This person gets out of control when he/she remembers the past and is unable to manage his/her emotions.

How Does Anger Affect Your Thinking?

A person unable to manage his/her anger is often considered directionless. They can’t differentiate between the facts and made up theories. All they know is something is hurting them, that they are not at peace, and they have no idea how to cope up with it.

They even lose themselves in the process, feel bad about themselves, stop going out or meeting friends to not feel ashamed of their temperamental nature.

Once you understand the root cause to your anger, life will become easier. Plus, we specially have an anger management program that will help you overcome these issues.

Hope you found the content helpful. For any additional information, leave a comment below 🙂

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